Welcome to the RFD Foundation Website! With the help and continued guidance of some professionals, we are up and running, spreading the word, our vision for the future of our Foundation, and what we are about. Members will be able to see updated data of what we have built up with your contributions. This includes our quarterly updated shared holding’s page and PayPal donation’s page. Most importantly, visit the contact information page to share your questions and give suggestions directly to one if not all of the board members so you could always get answers and guide our Foundation. We will also keep the Retirees updated on our annual “Salute to the Retirees” dinner and social page.

Over the next year it is my hope that we can start offering more services online to include:

  1. Offer long term/short term disability insurance program for our members that would also help benefit the foundation.
  2. An online store selling RFD foundation merchandise to generate profits for the RFD foundation and RFD our family.
  3. An alternate Life Insurance program through one of our partners.
  4. Additional information about upcoming social activities to strengthen bonds within our fire family.

Please check back often to watch us grow as a benevolent type of organization for the Richmond Fire Department Family and its members.

Thank You for visiting and supporting The RFD Foundation!
David M. Loving, President


The vision of the RFD Foundation is that every member will have the support of our fire family, comprised of both friends and co-workers for financial and emotional support in a time of need. We will always be open-minded and non-judgmental in our decisions while keeping an eye to the future. We will remain mindful of how we can best help others through their difficult times and challenges as we come together as a fire community and as a fire family within the Richmond Fire Department.  Our long term vision remains focused on our first mission, helping fire family members during catastrophic injury, illness, or death while in the line of duty, while striving to improve our support network by offering more services such as counseling, disability help, and benevolence.