Providing financial and emotional

support to our Fire Family 


The Richmond Fire Department has signed an agreement to partner with Charitable Gaming Technologies to develop a charitable gaming program in the Commonwealth of Virginia...


Our vision is that every member will have the support of our fire family, comprised of both friends and co-workers.

The Impact You're Making

When You Partner With Us

“The RFD Foundation provided ramps so David could get in and out the house.

They did a golf tournament to help with the cost of treatment. They worked with Chesterfield Fire and EMS foundation to help coordinate a beautiful funeral.  

They were in constant contact to help anyway they could.”

- Martha Creasy

“A fantastic organization, the RFD foundation stepped in to help me financially to go back home in Ghana to say farewell to my dad.

I am so appreciative of the support and care granted to me by the RFD Foundation.”

- Pope John Paul Kofie

“It was an emotional journey to say the least, but the support we received from the community and work including the RFD Foundation was incredibly humbling and truly carried us through.

Instead of stressing about how we would pay our bills, we were blessed with funds so that we could focus on our son.”

- Courtland Lambert, Jr.



In 2007, the Richmond Fire Department was hit with what turned out to be a series of deaths of several of our fellow firefighters. 

After this unfortunate series of tragic events and the realization there was a need for better preparedness, the RFD Foundation was created to support our fire family...

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  • The City of Richmond Fire Department Firefighters
  • The Virginia Home
  • Mission BBQ
  • Jenkins Restoration
  • Richmond Firefighters Association

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