Charitable Gaming Press Release

For Immediate Release: The Richmond Fire Department Foundation has signed an agreement to partner with Charitable Gaming Technologies to develop a charitable gaming program in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Charitable gaming has been approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 20 years and electronic pull tab gaming was added to the approved games in 2013.

Our partnership will provide the highest level gaming opportunities while providing a revenue stream for the business and RFD Foundation.

Our foundation has great plans for the future; one will be an extensive renovation of the Bainbridge Street previous Richmond Fire Station 17 to restore the facility back to its previous functional state. As this will be a big endeavor, please contact us if you have business referrals that would be interested in a new revenue stream by partnering with RFD Foundation please let us know.

We are especially interested in restaurants, bars, bowling alleys; anywhere people are congregating is an ideal location. Your help allows us to continue to thrive as we widen the opportunity for serving our fire community. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

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